Foreo Luna 3 – Smart Facial Cleansing and Firming Massage Brush for Spa at Home

Foreo Luna 3 – Smart Facial Cleansing and Firming Massage Brush for Spa at Home
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LUNA 3 is the ultimate addition to your cleasing ritual. Featuring upgrade T-SonicTM pulsations at 16 different intensities, LUNA 3 blasts away dirt, oil and makeup residue in only one minute. With an improved design that offers longer and softer silicone touchpoints and app-connected firming massage routines - LUNA 3 is the best way to get the youthful glow you've always dreamed of. 

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LUNA 3 for clear, glowing skin post-workout & beyond

Ever made a last minute decision that changed everything?

The workout’s over, you’re dripping with sweat and you just want to go home. But if you go out there with your face all sweaty and pores wide open, chances are slim you’ll get away clean.

LUNA 3 only takes a minute to wash away the dirt, oil and sweat known to cause breakouts.

Because a deep cleanse today means clear skin tomorrow.


LUNA 3 for clear, glowing skin

Ever made a last minute decision that changed everything? 

The workday’s over, you just got home and the couch is calling your name. But if you hit the cushions now, with all those office germs still on your face, things could get, well, less than pretty. 

Luna 3 only take you a minute to wash away the dirt and germs known to cause breakouts. 

Because a deep clean today means a clearer tomorrow. 


Spa-Level Cleansing

Spas are awesome. They make us feel cared for, healthy, beautiful, at peace. And your skin loves you back a hundredfold when you reward yourself with a luxurious spa treatment.

Imagine if you could own the exact same beauty-tech treatments and products seen in celebrity spas. And use them at home to achieve the same dazzling glow, clear skin and conquer-the-world feeling you get after visiting a premier beauty salon or world-class spa.

With LUNA 3, you can.

And you’ll achieve it all from the comfort of your very own living room.

Redefine the meaning of a perfect cleanse

No matter how long or hard you scrub with your hands, they’ll never get your face as clean, firm, and smooth as LUNA 3’s soft silicone and high-tech T-Sonic™ pulsations.


Made for your skin

From oily to sensitive to everything in between, there’s a LUNA 3 made just for your skin.

How to use

1 Connect your LUNA 3 to the FOREO app via Bluetooth (to unlock LUNA 3 before using it for the first time).
2 Dampen your face, apply your favorite cleanser to your LUNA 3 and hit the start button twice.
3 Glide LUNA 3’s touchpoints in circular motions over your face until the built-in timer shuts it off.
4 Rinse LUNA 3, pat-dry your face and continue with your skincare routine.

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